Thanks for visiting Home Sweet Healing, a shamanically-centered holistic healing practice located in Brooklyn, NY offering Shamanic Healing, Reiki, and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).

My purpose is to serve others in a space of unconditional love, supporting positive transformation and addressing the root causes of illness and imbalance. I draw on many sources of ancient wisdom and use a variety of shamanic and holistic healing techniques to facilitate healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

I view everyone that I work with as a partner in healing, and each session is custom-made and created in the moment for that individual’s needs. I believe that all healing is self-healing, and I only work as a vessel, or a “hollow bone” to create the space to allow that to happen. Your body knows how to heal itself, and has all the wisdom it needs.

My work is to reconnect you to that natural process. As you return to your natural state of Being, you will feel more connected to yourself, more alive, more grounded, more centered, and more at peace with your life. You will have a greater capacity to give and receive love, and you will have greater clarity to make healthier choices and decisions in your life.

Happy Healing,

“David has helped me connect with myself on another level. He is always so welcoming and calming. He is a wonderful host when it comes to his practice. Before, during and after the session he is an informative, gentle and helpful guide throughout our time together.” –Cait