I Heart Ted Cruz

Everybody hates Ted Cruz, right?  It seems like it’s become a normal and totally acceptable thing to do.  He has become a punching bag for the media, is consistently trashed by his fellow politicians, talk show hosts, comedians, and seemingly anyone who’s ever met him or heard of him.  Personally, I find this very disturbing.

Before I go on, let me say one thing: I am not a fan of Ted Cruz, I would never vote for him to hold any office, and I am relieved that he is no longer in the race for president.  But I can say all of that without being mean, without attacking his character, his appearance, his principles, or anything else.  And this gets to the larger point I’d like to discuss.  You can love someone without liking them.

Why should I, or anyone else, love Ted Cruz?  It's simple.  Because every single person on this planet, regardless of how you feel about them, carries the divine spark within them.  Everyone is Spirit in human form, whether you want them to be or not, and our collective inability to recognize this at a fundamental level is why the world is in such rough shape right now.  When we deny the divine spirit in others, we are actually denying it in ourselves, and when we deny it in ourselves, we open the door to create suffering.  

For far too long, we have been telling ourselves this story, the Story of Separation, an untrue yet convincing story that we have essentially just created in our minds.  In this story, we are alone, cut off from Spirit, and cut off from each other.  We are lowly, sinful, undeserving creatures, who must struggle and toil through life.  When this is the story we tell ourselves, it is easy for the “other” to become our enemy, our competitor, and so we feel justified in attacking them. It is what allows people to act "evil", as we create horrors of every kind in our misguided attempts to deal with our enemies, or anything else that have deemed “bad” or “unacceptable”. Essentially, this story is the playbook for how to create hell on earth.  We haven’t yet realized that by living in this story, we are perpetuating the very things we say we hate.  We still believe that we can put the fire out if we pour enough gasoline on it.

Why is it so hard to see the divinity in ourselves, or in others?  A major reason why this is such a deeply imbedded problem in our collective psyche, and has been for such a long time on this planet, is that we are easily fooled by appearances.  People like Ted Cruz don’t present themselves to the world in such a way that others would conclude that he is a divine being full of radiant love and compassion for all.  If I were to tell you that Jesus, Gandhi, or Mother Teresa, was a divine being, you may not have such a hard time believing me, as you can see it in how they lived in the world.  But people like Ted Cruz, who tend to promote fear over love, are still divine beings, even if they don't think so, even if their message is warped, and even if they never appear to be anything close to a holy or sacred being.  And that’s exactly why he, and everyone else who does not recognize their true nature, needs all the love, compassion, support, and permission, from those of us who would claim to be “more enlightened”, to present themselves to the world in a different way, to move out of their fear and into love.  We often trap people into playing a role just by the way we treat them.    

Take a criminal, for example, someone who has broken the law, done something deemed “terrible” in the eyes of a given culture, and look at how they are treated.  If they are locked in a cage, unforgiven, and treated like an animal, they will, in all likeliness, continue to act in a dangerous manner, seeing themselves as unforgivable, and acting out of their lower nature. But in a society where they are forgiven, welcomed back, treated with love, compassion, and respect, and encouraged to rehabilitate, they are much more likely move out of their “criminal” identity and into a higher expression, becoming a more positive member of the community.   

This isn’t to say that change can’t come from within, because ultimately, it’s the only place change can truly come from.  We can't force anyone to change, but we can do a great service (or disservice) in how we treat each other, how we make room for each other to change and grow, and how we allow each other to disrupt the story of our lives to write an entirely new chapter.  Seeing Ted Cruz, or anybody else that acts in a way that we don’t like, as a villain, and labelling them as such, simply reinforces their status, and encourages them to keep up the charade.  It’s not dissimilar to Halloween.  If you dress up like a pirate, and you act like a pirate, most people are going to treat you like a pirate. In fact, you may even end up fooling yourself into thinking you are a pirate, especially if you never break character or take the costume off.  But behind all our costumes, we are all the same being, the same "I AM" presence, the same basic spirit-stuff.  We are all connected, appearing to be completely separate, dressed up in different bodies.  We play pretend, sometimes as nice people, sometimes as mean people, sometimes as heroes, and sometimes as villains.  The trap is that we are all walking around reacting to each other's costumes, without ever acknowledging the being who is wearing it.    

So how do we get out of this trap?

I wish I could tell you it’s a quick and easy fix, but it’s not (although rarely is anything worthwhile quick and easy).  Since we are conditioned into the Story of Separation, basically from birth, it takes time to uncondition, or re-train, the mind to perceive the self and the world differently.  To begin, all you need is a willingness to let go of your assumption that the Story of Separation is true, and a willingness to surrender to Spirit.  Beyond that, it’s a practice, a discipline, a daily engagement with the world, and it requires patience, commitment, and perseverance.  Anyone can do it, if their desire is strong enough.  It may sound like hard work, and in some ways it is, but in other ways it's quite simple.  All we are doing is making a correction in our perception.   

To be successful in making this shift, you will need to cultivate your own spiritual practice, one that works for you. This practice, however it looks, must include a recognition of yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience. There are many ways to do this.  Some time-tested ways that work are chanting, affirmations, meditation, singing, prayer, or quiet reflection.  Outside of a formal spiritual practice, it is also helpful to engage in activities that are of a higher vibration, things that inspire you, that bring you to a place of gratitude, beauty, humor, lightness, and joy. Read inspirational books. Go for a walk in nature. Watch the sunset. Listen to beautiful music. You will know when you are aligning to your higher spirit-self because you will feel lighter, more expanded, peaceful, loving, forgiving, open, joyful, connected, and still.  You will feel a deep sense of acceptance, that all is perfect just as it is.  This is the state of divine awareness.  You may only get glimpses here and there, but it will be enough to keep you going.  Once you get a taste, you will want more.     

The goal is to hold yourself, and everyone else, in your awareness as a divine being. This includes everyone you love, and everyone you hate.  Remember, this isn’t about approval, it’s about recognition.  It’s about seeing all in their divine worth.  You don’t have to like their personalities, you don’t have to want to be friends with them, or have them over for dinner, you simply must recognize that they are a divine being, whether or not they are showing that to you.  That is the truth of all beings, and anytime you think you are divine but someone else it not, your small self has successfully hijacked the system once again.  If this happens, simply notice it, and return to your practice.  Ultimately, as part of our collective healing, we must recognize every single person on this planet as a divine being.  It’s not going to happen overnight, but I do believe it will happen as part of the great awakening currently transpiring on this planet.  

I'm a big fan of author and channel Paul Selig, and I’ve been reading his works every day for the last 5 or 6 years now.  It's what inspired me to share all of this with you.  His books are like a master class in getting to know yourself as a divine being.  They are also like a class in that they require a lot of homework.  Like I said, there is a discipline and a commitment needed to do this work.  But if you are willing to take the plunge and do it for yourself, I could not recommend his books more highly. If you want to check it out, start with I Am the Word.    

In closing, I’ll leave you with a quote from one of his books, The Book of Knowing and Worth, that I think really sums this all up perfectly:

“There was a time, you know, when the outcast was hung in the town square. Now you go to the movies and watch it pretend before you, watch the hanging on the screen, and feel solvent. In fact, what you are doing is the same. You're seeing the one before you in there penance, and you feel justified when the villain is killed at the end of the tale. You feel that the world has been restored. Never once do you think that the villain might be in requirement of divine love.”

The first time I read that, it blew me away.  I believe that’s exactly what Jesus meant when he said “Love your enemy, and pray for those that persecute you.”  

And that’s why I heart Ted Cruz.