About Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

Integrated Energy Therapy is a powerful form of channeled energy (similar to, but also very different from, Reiki) that supports the clearing out and re-balancing of stored and/or blocked energy in the cellular memory of the body.  It assists in restoring the natural flow of qi, or life-force energy, throughout the body, by integrating old, stored emotional charges, and removing the blockages that held them in place.  Basically, it works to help you let go of the old, unresolved stories that live in your body.

Like Reiki, the energy has it’s own ability to self-direct and self-regulate, and as a practitioner, I work to support the client’s ability to self-heal and create conditions that help to maintain the natural flow and balance of energy.

What to expect during an IET session:

These sessions tend to be deeply relaxing, and are often accompanied by sensations of release, as the energy blockages in your body integrate and clear, sometimes quite noticeably.  This is accomplished through channeling the energy through the hands, using various hand positions which energize certain areas of the client’s body and energy field, and then integrating, or releasing the energetic blockages, through using light pressure on certain acupressure-like points on the body.       

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