About David

David is a trained shamanic practitioner, an ART-level Reiki practitioner in the Usui/Tibetan tradition, and an Advanced-level practitioner of Integrated Energy Therapy (or IET).  David was called to the shamanic path over a decade ago, and began his own formal healing practice in 2010. While he considers shamanism the heart of his practice, he also loves working with Reiki and IET, which allows him to use diverse, and yet very complimentary, healing styles. He loves having different tools to do different jobs, to address the wide variety of issues that people face.

David began on the healing path by seeking non-traditional solutions to his own personal problems, and now, after a deeply transformative process, he feels called to use these tools and methods to be of service to others. Healing has become his favorite activity, and he feels there is a great need in the world at this time for others to experience this kind of work.

David is also a member of the Society for Shamanic Practice.

“I think that David’s greatest strength as a practitioner is his ability to communicate. In discussions before and after the session, he brings clarity and understanding to what we’re both here for.”
–Christian D.